Shown in 37"x22"x4" size
Shown in 37″x22″x4″ size
What are Beachstone® Products?
Beachstone® Sustainable Products are the first truly customizable recycled glass concrete product that can be pigmented any color and made to size, shape, and form. All products are “finished products” ready to install.  Beachstone® can be manufactured into vanties, countertops, tabletops, solid block sinks, shower seats, shelves, and any architectural precast product including exterior site furnishings.
Why select Beachstone® Sustainable Products?
Beachstone® Sustainable Products are highly recycled (85% by weight) which helps divert post- consumer glass and pre-consumer seashells from landfill deposits. It is also domestically sourced and produced in the USA. Beachstone® Sustainable Products are produced with a proprietary “zero waste” manufacturing process ensuring no additional waste to the environment. We do not cut from large slabs of material and thus do not have excess waste.

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