Health Product Declaration – aka “HPD”

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HPD? What in the world is an HPD? That’s what we said about a year ago. It is a food label of sorts for the product manufacturers. Now you as a specifier and a consumer can look at what exactly is inside the product you want to use or buy.

This is important especially for green products because it helps separate the fact from fiction. It’s a sort of equalizer for those who chose to “greenwash” their products. Take for example recycled glass slab material. One manufacturer quotes in their marketing literature, “uses 100% recycled glass”. You as a specifier/consumer think, “wow, this stuff is made from 100% recycled glass”. The answer is far from that. The glass portion that is recycled is first from “pre industrial” sources (extra from another manufactured product) and it comprises maybe 20% of the total weight of the material.

An HPD forces manufacturers to disclose this information. This is why these are so important. Architects are now requiring product reps to have an HPD for their product or else they are refused entry.

So, feel free to download our HPD! Spread the word. I think you’ll agree it is a good thing for all. 

Download (PDF, 125KB)

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