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Beachstone® Sustainable Surfaces is now Beachstone® Sustainable Products. With the unique partnership with MGA Caststone, Beachstone has entered into an agreement to have architectural precast items manufactured by MGA Caststone. MGA Caststone is located in Oxford, Maine and services a large market extending from the mid-atlantic to the Ohio River. Beachstone® is pleased to offer solid block sinks and other precast items which may be shaped in 3 dimensions rather than 2! We think this is a big difference between us and the rest.

There are some things you should do and some things you shouldn’t. Making 3 Dimensional recycled glass products is one we think we should do!

Additionally, we now have the horsepower to manufacture 144 square feet of Beachstone countertop material …every 5 minutes!

Stay tuned as we begin to post what will be many photos over the next coming months.

Thank you,

Aron Buterbaugh

OwnerBeachstone Farmhouse sink closeup

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