What are Beachstone products?

Beachstone countertop products are the first in Maine’s to be made of recycled glass and seashells. With the gracious help of the Maine Technology Institute and several other key suppliers, owner Aron Buterbaugh has turned an idea into a viable product line under the “Beachstone” trademark.

Prefinished Vanities

Prefinished vanities with sink hole cutout and backplash. Ready to install.

Download the Kohler Caxton dimensions document for reference to sink sizes

Tile Accessories

Corner shelves, recessed shelves, shower curbs, door thresholds. Now coordinate with popular glass mosaic tile installations.

Download Full Product Catalogue

Simply print out and send back to Beachstone via fax or email. Call with any questions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Beachstone surfaces durable?
Yes, Beachstone surfaces are made with a high-performance concrete design with a very high amount of recycled glass.

Q: Will Beachstone surfaces stain?
No. Beachstone surfaces come presealed with an acid proof sealer which keeps staining out.

Q: How do I care for my surface?
Beachstone surfaces should only be cleaned with simple soap and water. Abrasive and acidic cleaners will dull the surface of the sealer if used.

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